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MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::SdiWorkbenchLayout Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::SdiWorkbenchLayout:

MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IWorkbenchLayout MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::IMementoCapable

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Detailed Description

This is the a Workspace with a single document interface.

Definition at line 34 of file SdiWorkspaceLayout.cs.

Public Member Functions

void ActivatePad (IPadContent padContent)
 Activates a pad (Show only makes it visible but Activate does bring it to foreground).
void ActiveMdiChanged (object sender, Gtk.SwitchPageArgs e)
void ActiveMdiChanged (object sender, SwitchPageArgs e)
void Attach (IWorkbench wb)
 Attaches this layout manager to a workbench object.
void CloseWindowEvent (object sender, EventArgs e)
IXmlConvertable CreateMemento ()
 Creates a new memento from the state.
void DeleteLayout (string name)
void Detach ()
 Detaches this layout manager from the current workspace.
IPadWindow GetPadWindow (IPadContent content)
void HidePad (IPadContent padContent)
 Hides a new IPadContent.
bool IsVisible (IPadContent padContent)
 returns true, if padContent is visible;
void NextTab ()
 Moves to the next tab.
void PreviousTab ()
 Moves to the previous tab.
void RedrawAllComponents ()
 Re-initializes all components of the layout manager.
void RemoveTab (int pageNum)
void SetMemento (IXmlConvertable memento)
 Sets the state to the given memento.
void ShowPad (IPadContent content)
 Shows a new IPadContent.
IWorkbenchWindow ShowView (IViewContent content)
 Shows a new IViewContent.


IWorkbenchWindow ActiveWorkbenchwindow [get]
string CurrentLayout [get, set]
 The name of the active layout.
string[] Layouts [get]
 A list of the currently available layouts for the current workbench context.
Gtk.Widget LayoutWidget [get]
 The active workbench window.
PadContentCollection PadContentCollection [get]
 A collection of all valid pads in the layout for the workbench context.


EventHandler ActiveWorkbenchWindowChanged
 Is called, when the workbench window which the user has into the foreground (e.g. editable) changed to a new one.

Private Member Functions

void AddPad (IPadContent content, string placement)
void closeClicked (object o, EventArgs e)
void CreateDefaultLayout ()
void DockPad (DockItem item, string placement)
DockItem GetDockItem (IPadContent content)
void GetPlacement (string placementString, out DockPlacement dockPlacement, out DockItem originItem)
void OnContextChanged (object o, EventArgs e)
void OnTabsReordered (Widget widget, int oldPlacement, int newPlacement)
void stateChanged (object o, StateChangedArgs e)
void SwitchContext (WorkbenchContext ctxt)
void UpdatePad (object source, EventArgs args)

Private Attributes

PadContentCollection activePadCollection
EventHandler contextChangedHandler
WorkbenchContextCodon[] contextCodons
string currentLayout = ""
Dock dock
DockLayout dockLayout
bool ignorePageSwitch
bool initialized
IWorkbenchWindow lastActive
ArrayList layouts = new ArrayList ()
Hashtable padCollections = new Hashtable ()
Hashtable padWindows = new Hashtable ()
Container rootWidget
DragNotebook tabControl
DockToolbarFrame toolbarFrame
Window wbWindow
IWorkbench workbench
WorkbenchContext workbenchContext

Static Private Attributes

static string configFile = Runtime.Properties.ConfigDirectory + "DefaultEditingLayout.xml"


class  SdiWorkbenchLayoutMemento

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