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MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Pads::TreeViewPad Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Pads::TreeViewPad:

MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IPadContent MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::IMementoCapable

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Detailed Description

This class implements a project browser.

Definition at line 55 of file TreeViewPad.cs.

Public Member Functions

virtual void ActivateCurrentItem ()
void AddNodeInsertCallback (object dataObject, TreeNodeCallback callback)
void CopyCurrentItem ()
IXmlConvertable CreateMemento ()
 Creates a new memento from the state.
void CutCurrentItem ()
virtual void Dispose ()
ITreeNavigator GetNodeAtObject (object dataObject, bool createTreeBranch)
ITreeNavigator GetNodeAtObject (object dataObject)
ITreeNavigator GetNodeAtPosition (NodePosition position)
ITreeNavigator GetRootNode ()
ITreeNavigator GetSelectedNode ()
virtual void Initialize (NodeBuilder[] builders, TreePadOption[] options)
void PasteToCurrentItem ()
void RedrawContent ()
 Re-initializes all components of the pad. Don't call unless you know what you do.
void RestoreTreeState (XmlElement parent)
void SaveTreeState (XmlElement el)
void SetMemento (IXmlConvertable memento)
 Sets the state to the given memento.
void StartLabelEdit ()
 If you want to edit a node label. Select the node you want to edit and then call this method, instead of using the LabelEdit Property and the BeginEdit Method directly.
void StealFocus ()
 TreeViewPad (NodeBuilder[] builders, TreePadOption[] options)

Protected Member Functions

void BuildTreeOptionsMenu (CommandArrayInfo info)
void Clear ()
void LoadTree (object nodeObject)
virtual void OnIconChanged (EventArgs e)
virtual void OnNodeActivated (object sender, Gtk.RowActivatedArgs args)
virtual void OnSelectionChanged (object sender, EventArgs args)
virtual void OnTitleChanged (EventArgs e)
void OptionToggled (string optionId)
void ResetOptions ()
void UpdateCopyCurrentItem (CommandInfo info)
void UpdateCutCurrentItem (CommandInfo info)
void UpdatePasteToCurrentItem (CommandInfo info)


virtual Gtk.Widget Control [get]
 Returns the Gtk Widget for this pad.
string DefaultPlacement [get, set]
 Returns the default placement of the pad: left, right, top, bottom. Relative positions can be used, for example: "ProjectPad/left" would show the pad at the left of the project pad. When using relative placements several positions can be provided. If the pad can be placed in the first position, the next one will be tried. For example "ProjectPad/left; bottom".
string Icon [get, set]
string Id [get, set]
 Id of the pad.
NodeBuilder[] NodeBuilders [get, set]
string Title [get, set]


EventHandler IconChanged
EventHandler TitleChanged

Private Member Functions

void CancelTransfer ()
bool CanTransferCurrentItem (DragOperation oper)
bool CheckAndDrop (int x, int y, bool drop, Gdk.DragContext ctx, object obj)
internal void ClearOptions (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
int CompareNodes (Gtk.TreeModel model, Gtk.TreeIter a, Gtk.TreeIter b)
NodeBuilder[] GetBuilderChain (Type type)
object ICommandDelegatorRouter. GetDelegatedCommandTarget ()
internal bool GetFirstNode (object dataObject, out Gtk.TreeIter iter)
internal bool GetIterFromNamePath (string path, out Gtk.TreeIter iter)
internal TreeOptions GetIterOptions (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
internal string GetNamePathFromIter (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
object ICommandDelegatorRouter. GetNextCommandTarget ()
TreeOptions GetOptions (Gtk.TreeIter iter, bool createSpecificOptions)
TypeNodeBuilder GetTypeNodeBuilder (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
TypeNodeBuilder GetTypeNodeBuilder (Type type)
void HandleOnEdit (object o, Gtk.EditedArgs e)
void HandleOnEditCancelled (object s, EventArgs args)
void IPadContent. Initialize (IPadWindow window)
internal bool IsRegistered (object dataObject)
internal void NotifyInserted (Gtk.TreeIter it, object dataObject)
void OnButtonRelease (object sender, Gtk.ButtonReleaseEventArgs args)
void OnDragBegin (object o, Gtk.DragBeginArgs arg)
void OnDragDataReceived (object o, Gtk.DragDataReceivedArgs args)
void OnDragDrop (object o, Gtk.DragDropArgs args)
void OnDragEnd (object o, Gtk.DragEndArgs args)
void OnDragMotion (object o, Gtk.DragMotionArgs args)
void OnPopupMenu (object o, Gtk.PopupMenuArgs args)
void OnTestExpandRow (object sender, Gtk.TestExpandRowArgs args)
internal void RefreshNode (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
internal void RegisterNode (Gtk.TreeIter it, object dataObject, NodeBuilder[] chain)
internal void ResetState (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
internal void SetIterOptions (Gtk.TreeIter iter, TreeOptions ops)
void ShowPopup ()
void TransferCurrentItem (DragOperation oper)
internal void UnregisterNode (object dataObject, Gtk.TreeIter iter, NodeBuilder[] chain)
bool wantFocus ()

Private Attributes

internal const int BuilderChainColumn = 4
Hashtable builderChains = new Hashtable ()
TreeBuilderContext builderContext
NodeBuilder[] builders
Hashtable callbacks = new Hashtable ()
internal const int ClosedIconColumn = 2
TreeNodeNavigator compareNode1
TreeNodeNavigator compareNode2
internal Gtk.TreeViewColumn complete_column
Gtk.Frame contentPanel
object copyObject
DragOperation currentTransferOperation
internal const int DataItemColumn = 3
string defaultPosition = "left"
object dragObject
bool editingText = false
internal const int FilledColumn = 6
TreeOptions globalOptions
string id
Hashtable nodeHash = new Hashtable ()
Hashtable nodeOptions = new Hashtable ()
internal const int OpenIconColumn = 1
TreePadOption[] options
Gtk.TreeStore store
internal Gtk.CellRendererText text_render
internal const int TextColumn = 0
Gtk.TreeView tree
internal const int WeightColumn = 5
IPadWindow window
TreeNodeNavigator workNode

Static Private Attributes

static Gtk.TargetEntry[] target_table


class  PadCheckMenuItem
class  TreeBuilder
class  TreeBuilderContext
class  TreeNodeNavigator
class  TreeOptions

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