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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AbstractCodonAn abstract implementation of the
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AbstractCommandAbstract implementation of the ICommand interface
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AbstractConditionThis is a abstract implementation of the ICondition interface
MonoDevelop::SourceEditor::Actions::AbstractEditActionTo define a new key for the textarea, you must write a class which implements this interface
MonoDevelop::Projects::AbstractProjectConfigurationExternal language bindings may choose to extend this class. It makes things a bit easier
class handles the extensibility of the AddInTree by loading xml descriptions about nodes to insert
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddIn::ExtensionDefinies an extension point (path in the tree) with its codons
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddInCollectionA collection that stores AddIn objects.
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddInCollection::AddInEnumeratorDefault enumerator
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddInInitializeExceptionIs thrown when the AddInTree could not find the requested path
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddInLoadExceptionIs thrown when the AddInTree could not find the requested path
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddInSignatureExceptionIs thrown when the xml has a false format
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddInTreeFormatExceptionIs thrown when the xml has a false format
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AddInTreeSingletonHere is the ONLY point to get an IAddInTree object
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Dialogs::AddWebReferenceDialogSummary description for Form1
MonoDevelop::Projects::Ambience::AmbienceReflectionDecoratorThis class wraps a ILanguageConversion to System.Reflection
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::AndConditionGives back the and result of two conditions
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::AssemblyInformationThis class loads an assembly and converts all types from this assembly to a parser layer Class Collection
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::AttributeCollectionA collection that stores .IAttribute objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::AttributeSectionCollectionA collection that stores .AttributeSection objects.
MonoDevelop::SourceEditor::Gui::OptionPanels::BehaviorTextEditorPanelSummary description for Form8
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::BruteForceSearchStrategyOnly for fallback purposes
MonoDevelop::Core::Properties::CharacterEncodingsContains supported character encodings
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::ClassCollectionA collection that stores .IClass objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::ClassProxyCollectionA collection that stores .ClassProxy objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::Gui::Completion::CodeCompletionDataProviderData provider for code completion
MonoDevelop::Ide::CodeTemplates::CodeTemplateThis class reperesents a single Code Template
MonoDevelop::Ide::CodeTemplates::CodeTemplateGroupThis class reperesents a single Code Template
MonoDevelop::Ide::CodeTemplates::CodeTemplateLoaderThis class handles the code templates
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::CodonBuilderThe condition builder builds a new codon
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::CodonFactoryCreates a new
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::CodonNameAttributeIndicates that class represents a codon
MonoDevelop::Ide::Templates::CombineEntryDescriptorThis class is used inside the combine templates for projects
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::CommentCollectionA collection that stores .Comment objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::Gui::Completion::CommentCompletionDataProviderData provider for code completion
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::CompareConditionThis condition compares two strings using the stringParserService for the two strings to compare
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ConditionAttributeIndicates that class represents a condition
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ConditionBuilderThe condition builder builds a new condition
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ConditionBuilderCollectionA collection containing
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ConditionCollectionA collection that stores ICondition objects.
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ConditionCollection::IConditionEnumeratorDefault enumerator
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ConditionFactoryCreates a new
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ConditionWithoutRequiredAttributesExceptionIs thrown when the AddInTree could not find the requested path
MonoDevelop::Projects::Gui::Dialogs::ConfigurationManagerSummary description for Form2
MonoDevelop::Projects::ConvertXmlThis class is used to convert xml files using xslt
CSharpBinding::CSharpBindingCompilerManagerThis class controls the compilation of C Sharp files and C Sharp projects
CSharpBinding::CSharpCompilerParametersThis class handles project specific compiler parameters
CSharpBinding::FormattingStrategy::CSharpFormattingStrategyThis class handles the auto and smart indenting in the textbuffer while you type
MonoDevelop::Components::DataGridColumnColumn for inserting into a DataGrid
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::DefaultAddInTreeDefault implementation for the IAddInTree interface
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::DefaultAddInTreeNodeThis class represents a node in the IAddInTree
MonoDevelop::Projects::DefaultCompilerResultDefault implementation of the ICompilerResult interface, this implementation should be sufficient for most language bindings
MonoDevelop::SourceEditor::Document::DefaultFormattingStrategyThis class handles the auto and smart indenting in the textbuffer while you type
implementation, should be enough for most cases :)
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::DefaultWorkbenchThis is the a Workspace with a multiple document interface
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::DisplayBindingServiceThis class handles the installed display bindings and provides a simple access point to these bindings
Gdl::DockBarThis class is used to represent a number of iconified DockItems. It shows the icons by means of an according number of DockBarButtons
Gdl::DockBarButtonThis class represents a button which is placed in a DockBar. The button is used to represent iconified DockItems
Gdl::DockItemGripThis class represents header part of a DockItem. It provided buttons for iconifying and closing the DockItem. In addition it lets the user drag the DockItem
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::DocumentCollectionThis is the basic interface to the workspace
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::DuplicateCodonExceptionIs thrown when the AddInTree could not find the requested path
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::DuplicateConditionExceptionIs thrown when the AddInTree could not find the requested path
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::EventCollectionA collection that stores .IEvent objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::ExpressionContextClass describing a context in which an expression can be. Serves as filter for code completion results, but the contexts exposed as static fields can also be used as a kind of enumeration for special behaviour in the resolver
CSharpBinding::Parser::ExpressionFinderDescription of ExpressionFinder
VBBinding::Parser::ExpressionFinderDescription of ExpressionFinder
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::ExpressionResultStructure containing the result of a call to an expression finder
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::ExtendedStreamReaderThis is a wrapper around StreamReader which is seekable
MonoDevelop::Ide::ExternalTools::ExternalToolThis class describes an external tool, which is a external program that can be launched from the toolmenu inside Sharp Develop
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::FieldCollectionA collection that stores .IField objects.
MonoDevelop::Ide::Templates::FileTemplateThis class defines and holds the new file templates
MonoDevelop::Core::FileUtilityServiceA utility class related to file utilities
Mono::Data::Sql::FirebirdDbProviderMono.Data.Sql provider for PostgreSQL databases
MonoDevelop::SourceEditor::Gui::OptionPanels::GeneralTextEditorPanelGeneral texteditor options panelS
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::IAddInTreeThis is the basic interface to add-in tree. You can always get a valid IAddInTree object in the MonoDevelop.Core.AddIns.AddInTreeSingleton class
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::IAddInTreeNodeThis interface represents a tree node in the IAddInTree
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IBaseViewContentThe base functionalty all view contents must provide
interface describes the basic funcionality a codon must have
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::ICommandA basic command interface. A command has simply an owner which "runs" the command and a Run method which invokes the command
MonoDevelop::Projects::ICompilerResultEach language module which is capable of compiling source files gives back an ICompilerResult object which contains the output of the compiler and the compilerresults which contain all warnings and errors
interface describes the basic funcionalaty a condition must have
MonoDevelop::Projects::IConfigurationThis is the base interfaces for all configurations (projects and combines)
MonoDevelop::Ide::Codons::IDisplayBindingThis class defines the SharpDevelop display binding interface, it is a factory structure, which creates IViewContents
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::IDocumentIteratorRepresents a bi-directional iterator which could move froward/backward in a document queue. Note that after move forward is called move backward needn't to function correctly either move forward or move backward is called but they're not mixed. After a reset the move operation can be switched
interface is the base interface of all language bindings avaiable
MonoDevelop::SourceEditor::Actions::IEditActionTo define a new key for the textarea, you must write a class which implements this interface
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::IFileServiceThis interface describes the basic functions of the SharpDevelop file service
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::IFindThe basic interface for search operations in a document
MonoDevelop::SourceEditor::FormattingStrategy::IFormattingStrategyThis interface handles the auto and smart indenting and formating in the document while you type. Language bindings could overwrite this interface and define their own indentation/formating
ILAsmBinding::ILAsmCompilerManagerDescription of ILAsmCompilerManager
ILAsmBinding::ILAsmCompilerParametersThis class handles project specific compiler parameters
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::Dialogs::ImageButtonThis Class contains two ResourceManagers, which handle string and image resources for the application. It do handle localization strings on this level
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::IMementoCapableThis interface flags an object beeing "mementocapable". This means that the state of the object could be saved to an IXmlConvertable object and set from a object from the same class. This is used to save and restore the state of GUI objects
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::IMessageServiceThis interface must be implemented by all services
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::IndexerCollectionA collection that stores .IIndexer objects.
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IPadContentThe IPadContent interface is the basic interface to all "tool" windows in SharpDevelop
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Content::IPositionableIf a IViewContent object is from the type IPositionable it signals that it's a texteditor which could set the caret to a position inside a file
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Content::IPrintableIf a IViewContent object is from the type IPrintable it signals that it's contents could be printed to a printer, fax etc
MonoDevelop::Projects::IProjectServiceThis interface describes the basic functions of the SharpDevelop project service
interface defines a set of properties
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::ISearchResultThis interface describes the result a search strategy must return with a call to find next
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::ISearchStrategyThis interface is the basic interface which all search algorithms must implement
MonoDevelop::Ide::Codons::ISecondaryDisplayBindingThis class defines the SharpDevelop display binding interface, it is a factory structure, which creates IViewContents
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::ISecondaryViewContentThe base interface for secondary view contents (designer, doc viewer etc.)
MonoDevelop::Core::IServiceThis interface must be implemented by all services
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::ITextBufferStrategyInterface to describe a sequence of characters that can be edited
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::ITextIteratorThis iterator iterates on a text buffer strategy
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Undo::IUndoableOperationThis Interface describes a the basic Undo/Redo operation all Undo Operations must implement this interface
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::IUsingCollectionA collection that stores .IUsing objects.
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IViewContentIViewContent is the base interface for all editable data inside SharpDevelop
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::Dialogs::IWizardPanelThis interface extends the IDialogPanel interface with wizard specific funcitons
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IWorkbenchThis is the basic interface to the workspace
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IWorkbenchLayoutThe IWorkbenchLayout object is responsible for the layout of the workspace, it shows the contents, chooses the IWorkbenchWindow implementation etc. it could be attached/detached at the runtime to a workbench
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::IWorkbenchWindowThe IWorkbenchWindow is the basic interface to a window which shows a view (represented by the IViewContent object)
MonoDevelop::Core::Properties::IXmlConvertableIf you want define own, complex options you can implement this interface and save it in the main Option class, your class will be saved as xml in the global properties. Use your class like any other property. (the conversion will be transparent)
JavaBinding::JavaCompilerParametersThis class handles project specific compiler parameters
JavaBinding::JavaLanguageBindingThis class describes the main functionalaty of a language binding
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::KMPSearchStrategyImplements the Knuth, Morris, Pratt searching algorithm
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::OptionPanels::LoadSavePanelSummary description for Form1
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::Components::LocalizedObjectGlobalizedObject implements ICustomTypeDescriptor to enable required functionality to describe a type (class).
The main task of this class is to instantiate our own property descriptor of type GlobalizedPropertyDescriptor
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::Components::LocalizedPropertyDescriptorLocalizedPropertyDescriptor enhances the base class bay obtaining the display name for a property from the resource
MonoDevelop::SourceEditor::Gui::OptionPanels::MarkersTextEditorPanelSummary description for Form9
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::MessageServiceThis interface must be implemented by all services
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::MethodCollectionA collection that stores .IMethod objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::ProjectExternal language bindings must extend this class
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::NegatedConditionNegates a condition
NemerleBinding::NemerleLanguageBindingThis class describes the main functionalaty of a language binding
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Dialogs::NewFileDialogThis class is for creating a new "empty" file
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Dialogs::NewFileDialog::CategoryRepresents a category
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Dialogs::NewFileDialog::TemplateItemRepresents a new file template
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Dialogs::NewProjectDialogThis class displays a new project dialog and sets up and creates a a new project, the project types are described in an XML options file
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Dialogs::NewProjectDialog::CategoryRepresents a category
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Dialogs::NewProjectDialog::TemplateItemHolds a new file template
Mono::Data::Sql::NpgsqlDbProviderMono.Data.Sql provider for PostgreSQL databases
Mono::Data::Sql::OdbcDbProviderMono.Data.Sql provider for PostgreSQL databases
Mono::Data::Sql::OracleDbProviderMono.Data.Sql provider for Orace databases
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::OrConditionGives back the or result of two conditions
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::PadCollectionThis is the basic interface to the workspace
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::PadContentCollectionA collection that stores .IPadContent objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::ParameterCollectionA collection that stores .IParameter objects.
ICSharpCode::SharpRefactory::PrettyPrinter::PrettyPrintOptionsDescription of PrettyPrintOptions
MonoDevelop::Projects::ProjectCreateInformationThis class holds all information the language binding need to create a predefined project for their language, if no project template for a specific language is avaiable, the language binding shouldn't care about this stuff
MonoDevelop::Ide::Templates::ProjectDescriptorThis class is used inside the combine templates for projects
MonoDevelop::Projects::ProjectFileThis class represent a file information in an IProject object
MonoDevelop::Projects::ProjectFileCollectionA collection that stores .ProjectFile objects.
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::ProjectOperationsThis is the basic interface to the workspace
MonoDevelop::Projects::Gui::Dialogs::ProjectOptionsDialogDialog for viewing the project options (plain treeview isn't good enough :/)
MonoDevelop::Projects::ProjectReferenceThis class represent a reference information in an Project object
MonoDevelop::Projects::ProjectReferenceCollectionA collection that stores .ProjectReference objects.
MonoDevelop::Ide::Templates::ProjectTemplateThis class defines and holds the new project templates
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::PropertyCollectionA collection that stores .IProperty objects.
MonoDevelop::Projects::Utility::PropertyComparerCompares two objects by property. Objects need not be of the same type, they need only possess the same set of properties the used by the comparer and those properties need to implement IComparable /summary>
MonoDevelop::Core::Properties::PropertyFileLoadExceptionIs thrown when no property file could be loaded
MonoDevelop::Core::PropertyServiceThis class handles the Global Properties for the IDE, all what can be configured should be loaded/saved by this class. It is a bit like a Singleton with static delegation instead of returning a static reference to a
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::RecentOpenThis class handles the recent open files and the recent open project files of MonoDevelop
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::ResourceNotFoundExceptionIs thrown when the GlobalResource manager can't find a requested resource
MonoDevelop::Projects::Utility::ReverseComparerImplements a comparer that inverts the order of comparisons. Intended for inverting sort order on sorters that use IComparer /summary>
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::ReverseDocumentIteratorRepresents a bi-directional iterator which could move froward/backward in a document queue
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::SdiWorkbenchLayoutThis is the a Workspace with a single document interface
MonoDevelop::Core::ServiceManagerThis class does basic service handling for you
MonoDevelop::Projects::Utility::SortUtilityUtility class to aid in sorting collections
MonoDevelop::Projects::Utility::SortUtilityBaseUtility class to aid in sorting collections Contains most common operations in sorting /summary>
Mono::Data::Sql::SqlDbProviderMono.Data.Sql provider for SqlServer databases
MonoDevelop::Core::StringParserServiceThis class parses internal ${xyz} tags of sd. All environment variables are avaible under the name env.[NAME] where [NAME] represents the string under which it is avaiable in the environment
Mono::Data::Sql::SybaseDbProviderMono.Data.Sql provider for PostgreSQL databases
Mono::Data::Sql::TableSchemaSQL schema object representing a table
MonoDevelop::Projects::Parser::TagCollectionA collection that stores .Tag objects.
ICSharpCode::SharpRefactory::Parser::TagCommentDescription of TagComment
ICSharpCode::SharpRefactory::Parser::VB::TagCommentDescription of TagComment
MonoDevelop::Ide::Templates::TextTemplateThis class defines and holds text templates they're a bit similar than code templates, but they're not inserted automaticaly
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::TipOfTheDayStartupHandlerThe responsibility of this CommandHandler is to show the Tip of the Day window at startup
MonoDevelop::Ide::ExternalTools::ToolLoaderThis class handles the external tools
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::TreePathNotFoundExceptionIs thrown when the AddInTree could not find the requested path
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::Dialogs::TreeViewOptionsTreeView options are used, when more options will be edited (for something like IDE Options + Plugin Options)
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Pads::TreeViewPadThis class implements a project browser
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::TypeNotFoundExceptionIs thrown when the AddInTree could not create a specified object
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Undo::UndoQueueThis class stacks the last x operations from the undostack and makes one undo/redo operation from it
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Undo::UndoStackThis class implements an undo stack
MonoDevelop::Core::Properties::UnknownPropertyNodeExceptionIs thrown when an unknown XmlNode in a property file is encountered
VBBinding::VBBindingCompilerServicesThis class controls the compilation of VB.net files and VB.net projects
VBBinding::VBCompilerParametersThis class handles project specific compiler parameters
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::ViewContentCollectionA collection that stores .IViewContent objects.
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::Search::WildcardSearchStrategyImplements a wildcard search strategy
MonoDevelop::Core::Gui::Dialogs::WizardDialogTreeView options are used, when more options will be edited (for something like IDE Options + Plugin Options)
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::WorkbenchThis is the basic interface to the workspace
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::WorkbenchMementoThis class contains the state of the
, it is used to make the
state persistent
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::WorkbenchWindowCollectionA collection that stores IWorkspaceWindow objects.
MonoDevelop::Ide::Gui::WorkbenchWindowCollection::IWorkspaceWindowEnumeratorDefault enumerator
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::XmlMemberArrayAttributeIndicates that field should be treated as a xml attribute for the codon or condition. The field is treated as a array, separated by ',' example : fileextensions = ".cpp,.cc,.C"
MonoDevelop::Core::AddIns::XmlMemberAttributeAttributeIndicates that field should be treated as a xml attribute

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